Unlock Xoá mật khẩu BIOS Acer E1-430 EA40

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    Removing Passwords BIOS Acer E1-430

    To clear a lost BIOS password (user or supervisor password), you need to short the clear

    password hardware gap (G2201) located on the mainboard.
    xoa mat khau bios acer e1-430.

    G2201 Hardware Gap

    1. Shut down the computer and disconnect the AC adapter, battery and all other peripherals

    from the computer.

    2. Perform the “Removing the Mainboard” procedure described on page 3-23.

    3. Locate the G2201 gap.

    4. Use an electrical conductivity tool to short the two contacts on the hardware gap together.

    5. While resting the tool on the two contacts, plug one end of the AC adapter into the DC-In

    jack and plug one end to an electrical outlet.

    6. Press the button to turn on the computer.

    7. After the BIOS POST, remove the tool from the hardware gap.

    8. Perform the “Replacing the Mainboard”.

    9. Perform the “Replacing the WLAN Module”.

    10. Perform the “Replacing the HDD Module” .

    11. Perform the “Replacing the USB Board”.

    12. Perform the “Replacing the Palmrest Module/Upper Case” .

    13. Perform the “Replacing the ODD Module” .

    14. Perform the “Replacing the Battery Pack”.

    15. Turn on the computer and press F2 during bootup to access the Setup Utility . If no

    password prompt appears, the BIOS passwords have been cleared. If the prompt

    appears, repeat steps 2-14 until the BIOS passwords have been cleared.

    16. Press F9 to load the system defaults.

    17. Press F10 to save the changes you made and close the Setup Utility.
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