Toshiba Tecra Z50-A (PT540M/PT540P/PT540U/PT544M/PT544P/PT544U)

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Toshiba Tecra Z50-A (PT540M/PT540P/PT540U/PT544M/PT544P/PT544U) 5 5 1votes
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    Toshiba Tecra Z50-A (PT540x/PT544x/PT545x)
    Tecra Z50-A1501
    Tecra Z50-A1502
    Tecra Z50-A1503
    Tecra Z50-A1510
    Tecra Z50-A5101L
    Tecra Z50-A5161SM
    Tecra Z50-A5209K
    Tecra Z50-A5260SM
    Tecra Z50-A5302
    Tecra Z50-A5302M
    Tecra Z50-BT1500
    Tecra Z50-BT1501
    BIOS Version: 3.70
    All models having part numbers beginning with:
    "PT540M", "PT540P", "PT540U", "PT544M", "PT544P", "PT544U", "PT545M", "PT545P", or "PT545U".

    • Improved: The size of windows will change after waking from Sleep on Windows 7 computers with a Dock RGB display. The display output setting will also not be saved correctly.
    • Improved: TOSHIBA USB3.0 HDD Stor.E Edition is not displayed in the Boot Menu in UEFI Boot mode.
    • Updated: Microcode Rev.1C.
    • Optimized: Audio Codec setting.
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