BGA RE-8500 BGA Rework Station Manual

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    Jovy® PC Suite Interface Features:

    Interactive and Easy to use Interface.
    Multi-languages interface.
    Fast USB 2.0 connection.

    - Profiles Creation: where the user can create standard profiles or free
    mode profiles then download it to RE-8500 memory or save it on PC.
    - Profiles Editing: user can load any saved profile on PC and edit its

    - Profile manager mode: where the user will be able to import, edit,
    delete and save the profiles saved on RE-8500 memory could be redownload

    it to RE-8500.
    - Run manual processes or saved Profile process from the machine
    directly or through PC suite.
    - Monitoring heat distribution on PCB by drawing thermo-couples

    readings graph.
    - Analyze the heat distribution on PCB by monitoring thermo-couples
    reading on different five positions in a real time.
    - Do analysis on running process thermo-couples reading in real time.
    - Save unlimited number of running processes graphs and data (thermocouples

    reading) files.
    Upgrade RE-8500 firmware through Jovy® PC Suite through USB 2.0
    Full Control of all RE-8500 peripherals like fan, pump and laser.
    Support Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature unit standards.
    Offline mode: Can create profiles and analyse process data files without

    connecting to RE-8500.

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