BGA Jovy RE-7500 User Manual

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    This unit operates by electricity. And some components within the

    device have high dangerous voltages applied to them.
    • Failing to follow the operating instructions could result in death,
    serious injuries, and/or extensive damage to property!
    • Never open the housing or one of the Infrared heaters while main plug
    is connected.
    • Do not use the units for any purpose other than which they are
    intended to. Use it according to the operating instructions.
    • This equipment must not be switched on or used without supervision.
    • The unit should switched‐off or in idle state while not in use, leaving it
    ON may cause overheating.
    • Do not place any flammable material on the vicinity of the Infrared
    • Do not allow the spillage of any liquid to on the ceramic emitter as
    damage may occur.
    • Please use the Infrared heater only on a level and non flammable
    • When the Infrared heater is in use, its housing and the areas exposed to
    the infrared rays can reach high level of temperature. Please do not
    touch the housing until it cooled down.
    • Any maintenance of the units is only permitted by a JOVY SYSTEMS
    certified service technician.
    • Please also pay attention to the safety regulations applied in your area.

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    Cái này thấy bên Khai Minh có bán, giá cũng gần bằng zm-5850, ko biết ưu điểm nhiều không.

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