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    Brief introduction to company
    Beijing TECHNICAN Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturing
    enterprise specializes in BGA manual Reworks equipment research,development and
    production . ACHI/!"® is our company's registered brand.Based on the principles of
    producting high-quality and cost-effective welding equipment,our company has
    developed and producted a number of BGA Rework Stations,such as IR-3!IR3000 !
    IR6000!HR-PRO etc.,and has been recognized by the majority of users in practice.So
    far,our users have been involved in scientific research units,computer maintenance and
    repair of medical equipment,communications equipment maintenance,video game
    maintenance, training teaching, and other fields.
    We also produce and operate some assistant and materials of manual BGA
    welding,such as customized BGA Reballing Template,solder ball, Flux,etc.,to help users
    streamline operation,improve the success rate of welding,and reduce welding costs.We
    also can undertake single or small quantities BGA welding business,welcome users to

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