HP ENVY Phoenix 800-070st - IPIWB-PB (Pittsburgh2)

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    HP ENVY Phoenix 800-070st
    ENVY Phoenix - 810-350se CTO
    ENVY Phoenix - 810-370st CTO
    Pittsburgh2 motherboard
    BIOS PI2_820

    • Manufacturer: Pegatron
    • Manufacturer name: IPIWB-PB
    • HP name: Pittsburgh2
    Clearing the PASSWORD Settings
    The BIOS password is used to protect BIOS settings from unwanted changes.
    To erase the BIOS password follow these steps:
    1. Turn OFF the computer.
    2. Move the jumper to Clear.
    3. Turn ON the computer to POST screen.
    4. Turn OFF the computer.
    5. Move the jumper back to Default.
    6. Enter BIOS setup to verify or configure new settings.

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