BGA Honton HT-R490 Manual

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    Honton HT-R490 Manual.

    1: Limit the heater head shot. (To prevent the heater head crushed PCB)
    2: head heater. (First zone)
    3: heater head up and down adjustment handle. (Adjustable up and down position)
    4: LED lights. (Increase brightness of the work area)
    5: head heater hot mouth. (Depending on the chip size can be replaced)
    6: lower heating and wind mouth. (Second zone)
    7: Infrared heating panels warm-up area. (Third zone)
    8: PCB clamping bracket. (Fixed with a clamping device PCB board)
    9: PCB clamping bracket locking screws. (PCB clamping bracket can be locked on the
    10: The display and control buttons. (Display parameters and setting parameters)
    11: before and after moving the upper heater adjustment handle. (Position adjustable
    front and rear)
    12: the upper part of the heater cable.
    13: the upper part of the heater and move around locking handle.
    14: Tighten the screw-shaped plate fixture.
    15: shaped plate fixture. (Clamping irregular PCB board, such as notebook panels)
    16: plywood fixture to move the locking screws.

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