BGA Honton HT R390 Manual

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    HT-R390 Specification:

    Rated Power: 3800W
    Rated voltage: AC220V / AC110V optional
    The first upper zone power: 800W
    Second temperature lower power: 800W
    Lower part of the preheating temperature zone Power: 2200W
    Dimensions: L500mm * W420mm * H550mm
    Weight: 28KG
    Temperature control: high-precision closed-loop control of K-type thermocouple
    PCB positioning: V-shaped slot, PCB holder can be X, Y direction adjustment
    Can clamp PCB size: Max: 20mm * 20mm, Max: 320mm * 375mm
    Scope: BGA, PBGA, CBGA, CFP, CPU, CSP, which are lead-free rework

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