Khác Full System Precision CCFL Driver MP1015

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    General Description
    The MP1015 is a Power IC that offers a true complete solution for driving a Cold Cathode
    Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL). This Power IC converts unregulated DC voltage to a nearly pure
    sine wave required to ignite and operate the CCFL. Based on proprietary power topology and control
    techniques (patented), it greatly increases the power conversion efficiency. The MP1015 can be
    used with analog or burst mode dimming without any additional external components. The MP1015
    offers four distinct performance advantages:
    1. More light for less power
    2. Smallest board implementation possible
    3. Low EMI emission
    4. Low cost off the shelf components

    - Built-in Burst Mode Oscillator and Modulator
    - Built-in Analog and Burst Mode Dimming
    - Built-in Current and Voltage Feedback Control
    - Built-in Open/Short Lamp Protection
    - Built-in Dual Mode Fault Timer
    - Built-in Soft-on/Soft-off Burst Mode
    - Automatic Recovery from ESD Event
    - Wide Range 6 to 22V Battery Voltage with Regulated Lamp Current
    - Startup at all voltages and temp without additional components
    - Integrated 0.10Ω Power Switches
    - Output Short Circuit Protected
    - No High Voltage Ballast Capacitor
    - Evaluation Board Available
    Brightness Control
    The MP1015 can operate in three modes: Analog Mode, Burst Mode with a DC input, or Burst Mode
    with an external PWM. The three modes are dependent on the pin connections as per Table 1.
    Choosing the required burst repetition frequency can be achieved by an RC combination, as defined
    in component selection. The MP1015 has a soft on and soft off feature to reduce noise, when using
    burst mode dimming.

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