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    Acer Desktop

    Aspire Series
    Aspire Series
    Aspire T3-100
    Aspire TC-100
    Aspire TC-105
    Aspire TC-115
    Aspire TC-120
    Aspire TC-215
    Aspire TC-220
    Aspire TC-600
    Aspire TC-601
    Aspire TC-602
    Aspire TC-605
    Aspire TC-606
    Aspire TC-651
    Aspire TC-701
    Aspire TC-703
    Aspire TC-704
    Aspire TC-705
    Aspire TC-752
    Aspire U5-620
    Aspire XC-105
    Aspire XC-115
    Aspire XC-215
    Aspire XC-600
    Aspire XC-603
    Aspire XC-605
    Aspire XC-703
    Aspire XC-704
    Aspire XC-705
    Aspire Z1-601
    Aspire Z1-611
    Aspire Z1620
    Aspire Z1-621
    Aspire Z3-115
    Aspire Z3-600
    Aspire Z3-601
    Aspire Z3-605
    Aspire Z3-610
    Aspire Z3-613
    Aspire Z3-615
    Aspire Z3620
    Aspire Z3-710
    Aspire Z3-711
    Aspire ZC-102
    Aspire ZC-106
    Aspire ZC-107
    Aspire ZC-602
    Aspire ZC-605
    Aspire ZC-606
    Aspire ZC-610
    Aspire ZC-700

    Extensa Series
    Extensa M2610

    Predator Series
    Predator G3-605

    Revo One Series
    Aspire RL80
    Revo One RL85

    Veriton Series
    Veriton L4620G
    Veriton L4630
    Veriton L4630G
    Veriton L6630
    Veriton L6630G
    Veriton M2120
    Veriton M2120G
    Veriton M2630
    Veriton M2630G
    Veriton M2631
    Veriton M2631G
    Veriton M2632
    Veriton M2632G
    Veriton M4630
    Veriton M4630G
    Veriton M6630
    Veriton M6630G
    Veriton N2120G
    Veriton N2620G
    Veriton N4620G
    Veriton N4630G
    Veriton N6630G
    Veriton S4630
    Veriton S4630G
    Veriton S6630
    Veriton S6630G
    Veriton X2120
    Veriton X2120G
    Veriton X2630
    Veriton X2630G
    Veriton X2631
    Veriton X2631G
    Veriton X2632
    Veriton X2632G
    Veriton X4110G
    Veriton X4620
    Veriton X4620G
    Veriton X4630
    Veriton X4630G
    Veriton X6630
    Veriton X6630G
    Veriton Z2640G
    Veriton Z2660
    Veriton Z2660G
    Veriton Z4710G
    Veriton Z4810G
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