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    Healthy Water Drinking
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    Name: Healthy Water Drinking
    Version: 1.0
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: Pre-K'ed

    OS version: 10.10 or higher
    64 bit

    New Release

    The water balance regulation in human organism is very important. However, in daily life people often forget this point of health care by preferring other useful activities: diet, fitness, swimming, sports, etc. But whatever you actually do during the day (physical exercises or long work at the computer), don't ignore the need to maintain the water balance in your body by consuming the necessary amount of liquids every day. Our app will become your best guide and supervisor in this domain!

    HOW TO USE: Set the start and the end of your day. Choose the level of your daily activity (low, middle, high). Drink liquids during the day and mark the amount (ml). In this way, you'll see how much it remains for you to drink in order to correspond to the daily norm.

    Healthy Water Drinking features:
    - Mark the portions volume in order to create your personal drinking statistics;
    - Consume the necessary daily norm of liquids;
    - Take care of the water balance in your organism.

    Why wouldn't you make your own personal collection of useful applications? Start with our health care tool Healthy Water Drinking!

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